What kind of Legacy do You want to Leave? What kind of impact do you hope your life will have? The Bible is filled with people who receive God's blessing AND who pass it on to others! One of the most powerful examples of this takes place in Genesis 48 - 49 when Jacob blesses his sons after joining Joseph in Egypt.

Do you ever lose sight of what is really important in the long run? Could you benefit from reflection and refocusing? In Genesis 46 and 47 we find that Joseph has become extremely powerful, extremely successful and extremely busy! However, he never loses sight of what is truly important in the long run.

Have you ever experienced a delay? Perhaps your life has taken and unforeseen detour and your dreams seem very far away. So, Now what? The life of Joseph offers us powerful insight into how to handle delays! In this message, learn what to do when your dreams are delayed.

Have you ever found favor with someone powerful who opened doors for you? Imagine how much greater it is to find favor with God! Living in God's Favor makes you Unstoppable! In spite of false accusations and major setbacks, Joseph's life is marked by God's favor.