Jesus crushes the myth that "grown up stuff" is the most important stuff! Welcoming, Blessing and Investing in Children Is absolutely fundamental to the way of Jesus and the Christian life. And, while every Christian has this call, parents have a special responsibility to disciple, train, bless and pray for children!

No one has gone very far through life without experiencing pain, discouragement, heartbreak or difficulty in relationships. We may know all too well the pain of losing a loved one, enduring abuse, experiencing betrayal, the pain of divorce, unrequited love, and deep loneliness.

Pastor Billy Calderwood answers the top 10 questions submitted by people during our Love, Relationships and Sex series during an informal Sunday night Q and A. Questions include: 1. What does the Bible say about masturbation? Because I'm totally going to Hell if it's bad. 2.

Let's be honest. Church is not the place we think of talking about sex. However, We are meant to place our whole selves in the hands of the God who created and affirms our sexuality! Sex is spiritual as well as physical! Also, we need a better understanding of how to communicate Christian sexual ethics in changing times.