"Why is the God of the Old Testament so Angry?" "How do you explain the violence in the Bible? Jesus flipping tables is one thing but God commanding nations to be destroyed is huge." "Will God torture people forever?" "If God is all loving and all forgiving, why are my Jewish and Buddhist friends going to hell?"

What you believe matters! Do you know what you believe or why you believe it? There are deep, fundamental differences between the major world religions and popular philosophical approaches. They are often completely incompatible with one another, can't all be true, and lead to very different outcomes.

Many people have questions about relationships, gender identity, and sexuality. We desire God's grace and guidance when it comes to these important topics! Also, we want to be helpful, hopeful and gracious toward everyone, including those who may not accept our understanding of Christ centered sexual ethics.

Why do Christians believe in but rarely practice supernatural Ministry? How do I hear God? I prayed for my friend to be healed and they weren't, now what? We have MANY questions about supernatural ministry! God wants us to know the answers and to be informed and empowered when it comes to stepping out in the supernatural!

Isn't the Bible culturally regressive, historically inaccurate and filled with contradictions? How can I possibly believe the Bible's account of things?" Many of us have questions about the Bible. This unique, God-breathed ancient library creates conundrums for us, even as it offers us a tremendous amount of hope and a deep sense of connection to God.

Do you have "Questions?" We are going to take an honest, humble journey into the many questions submitted by YOU for this series! As we get started, here are our hopes for this series: that people would be filled with the Holy Spirit, that we would have bold, persuasive conversations about the Kingdom of God, and, that people's deepest needs would be truly met as we journey together.