Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a tool that has been linked to the fruitfulness of Gospel movements around the globe -- often called disciplemaking movements (DMM) or church planting movements (CPM). It is a simple and multiplicative tool by nature because of two key elements:

  • DISCOVERY-BASED LEARNING: Everyone (even the "leader") in the study takes the posture as a curious learner rather than a biblical expert.


  • OBEDIENCE-BASED DISCIPLEMAKING: The goal of a DBS is outcome-focused, meaning its success is focused on practical obedience and transformation, rather than acquired knowledge.

Below is the simple process of how you or anyone can make disciples who make disciples effectively as you learn from the Scriptures together using our shorthand definition of what a disciple is -- HEART, MIND, FEET, REPEAT


  • What are you thankful for?
  • what's a challenge you're facing?
  • How did you do with last week's 'i will' statement? did you share what we talked about with anyone?


  • read the "BiG Idea" and open up time for dialogue (if applicable) then read the passage(S)
  • have someone put the scripture(S) into their own words
  • What stands out to you from the Scripture(S)?
  • What do these texts say about god?
  • What do these texts say about people?


  • How can you specifically live out this passage in the next few days? (Everyone creates an ‘I Will’ statement)


  • Who are you going to tell about what you discovered?