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In 1924, 14,000 souls were won for Jesus through Angelus Temple  under the evangelism of Sister Aimee Simple McPherson.  One of Sister Aimee's ministerial assistants named Anna Britton left Angelus Temple to organize thriving lighthouse churches throughout the greater Los Angeles area, namely Santa Monica, Long Beach, Fullerton, Brea, and Burbank.  The Burbank Lighthouse met in a tent on Fifth & Cypress - this was the beginning of what we know today as the Burbank Foursquare Church.


Shortly after, Sister Britton and her husband were called to pastor in Long Beach and ceased their leadership of the Burbank Lighthouse.  Within a year, a young newly wed couple by the name of Dr. Earl and Edythe Dorrance took charge of the Burbank Lighthouse campaign which Sister Anna had begun.  They had two weeks of marriage under their belts, forty dollars, a Bible, and a trombone.  Within six months, the Burbank Foursquare Church was built at 269 E. Providencia Ave and was dedicated on January 18, 1927 by Sister Anna Britton herself.  Under the pastorate of Earl and Edythe Dorrance, the Burbank church grew substantially and saw a tremendous number of miracles and powerful conversions - the first was a young couple, William and Mellie Nickerson who became pastors of Burbank Foursquare in 1931, and went on to be prominent leaders within Foursquare.


Since it's beginning, God's power and presence have consistently shown up in worship services, prayer gatherings, Sunday School classrooms, outreach events, creative performances, and through many other means at Burbank Foursquare Church.  Hundreds of souls have been won for Christ, filled with the power of God's Holy Spirit, and many have been healed as well from terminal illnesses.  Without His continual power and provision on our behalf as a church family, we would have no history or story to tell. You can't have a church without reaching out and shining the light of Christ to the surrounding community.  Our church has always done the spectacular in drawing people in whether it be an electrified evangelical message, high quality dramatic performance, a touching musical performance, a rowdy parking lot sale, or even a simple greeting at the local coffee shop.  The Burbank Foursquare Church will always be a lighthouse to our community and the greater Los Angeles area.


Making a place for people to know the Lord and be discipled is to what our church has always been dedicated.  Our church has proudly andeffectively raised up, empowered, and passed the baton of leadership to the next generation since Earl Dorrance discipled his first convert, William Nickerson.  There are many pastors serving across the country today who answered the call and took their first steps within the walls of the Burbank Foursquare Church.


Today we celebrate 96 years of God's faithfulness to a people who are simply willing to receive His call and be filled with His power, be a light to His people whom He loves, give of themselves to see His church built locally and globally, and empower and disciple the next generation to do the same.  We rejoice in Him, and again, are faced with the choice to answer His call as the Burbank Foursquare Church.

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