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Disciplemaker Pathway is an 8 week cohort where you wrestle through "Seven Big Ideas To Revolutionize The Art Of Disciplemaking".

The Disciple-Maker Pathway is designed to help disciples become disciple-makers and to help disciple-makers to become disciple-multipliers... or what we call "Catalysts." The Disciple-Maker Pathway is a journey through seven big ideas that will fundamentally change how everyday followers of Jesus make disciples. These ideas will unleash your passion to share Jesus' Fully Alive life with others by: clearly defining the outcomes of disciple-making, providing a framework for disciple-making environments that will keep those outcomes in focus, and leveraging those environments to develop a network of disciple-makers around you.


If you are interested in joining or leading this cohort, (as a prerequisite) please fill out THIS FORM and read THIS BOOK.

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