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There are five weeks in (How To) Live Fully Alive:

  1. Living Fully Alive

  2. The Enemy to Living Fully Alive

  3. Jesus: Our Fully Alive Hero

  4. The Fully Alive Formula: Character X Calling = Impact

  5. The Key to Living Fully Alive: Obedience > Competence

In these five short weeks you will learn what Jesus means by Living Fully Alive, understand the thief's primary strategy for stealing that life away from you, and discover how you can partner with Jesus to Live Fully Alive more every day. 

This Topic Is Based On A Course That Includes Videos, Which Requires A Free Account With Our Partners In The FULLY ALIVE Disciplemaking Community -- For Access - CLICK HERE

For questions or help concerning this unique group format, don't hesitate to reach out to T.D. Davis --

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